Supporting continuous, uninterrupted care for women and their families during the important childbearing and early child-rearing years.

The Developing Families Center (DFC) promotes the empowerment of low-income families through the collaboration of two nonprofit service providers: Community of Hope Family Health and Birth Center, Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center

Our History

DFC was formed in 2000, as a result of the vision and passion of its founder, Ruth Watson Lubic, CNM, EdD, FAAN, FACNM, an American nurse-midwife, an applied anthropologist and a pioneer in the role of nurse-midwives as primary care providers for women, particularly in maternity care.


The DFC supports comprehensive, one-stop shopping services in the areas of family-centered women’s and children’s health care, child care services, family resource and support services, confidential counseling, and adult education.


If you have any questions about our programs or would like more information on how to donate or volunteer we can be reached at: Phone: (202) 398-2007 or by e-mail