Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) worked with the DFC/Georgetown research staff and the Georgetown University internal review board (IRB) to insure that research brought positive change to the community and to applied the principles of Community Based Participatory Research.  CAB members had the opportunity to impact changes at the DFC and worked toward positive changes in the community.

CAB members had the opportunity to improve the delivery of research done in the community and help decide if research projects would go over well with the DFC community. They helped improve the delivery of community-based research and increase the probability that research is done in a way that respects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the DFC community. DFC CAB members also helped to conduct surveys, assessments and data analysis.

CAB members are largely users of services at the Developing Families Center. They continue to meet monthly. We encourage current DFC, Community of Hope Family Health and Birth Center, and Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center families to join CAB. If you are interested email us.