Rochele’s Story

My name is Rochele. I was a month pregnant in March 2007 when I came to the Family Health and Birth Center. Later on in my months I became a Healthy Babies client. I did parenting classes, prenatal yoga, and had a nurse case worker. I had my daughter in November 2007. So then I started accomplishing goals, like I got into school and my caseworker helped me find housing when I was homeless. This place helped me become a better parent. As I started coming more and more into the building I wanted to learn more about it, so I joined the Community Advisory Board at the DFC and I want to help make changes around the building. Now I am helping out with monitoring the DFC playground¬†and volunteering at Healthy Babies. I am currently enrolled at UDC and my major is criminology. I’m looking forward to graduating in 2010 with my Bachelor’s.

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