Kiara’s Story

I first came here because I had a prenatal appointment at the birth center.  They asked me do you want to sign up for T-PEP (Teen Parenting Empowerment Program) and they gave me a support worker.  Whey I worked with her they gave me clothes for my baby and made sure I made my doctor’s appointments.  Then they had prenatal group for us and I liked it because you talk about different stages in your pregnancy and they give you snacks and then they do bellycasting.  My support worker always gave me pampers, clothes for the baby.  Every time they have events they let me and my baby’s father  know and we can come and work for the DFC.  When they asked me do I want to be part of the program they gave me so much stuff for my baby which was good bacasue I dind’t have anything.

I think what’s good about having FHBC and HBP in the same place is that you don’t have to go far.  It’s a good location too because I live right across the street, so wehen I come to my appointment I can see my caseworker also.  I like coming here because I like the people here here.  I they are always able to help me out whenever I need something.  I’m not the only person they help out because they help out everybody.

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